A New Direction

Rebecca Torres‘ new swimwear collection is such a match made in heaven for Rebecca’s brand, we almost had ourselves scratching our heads wondering why it hadn’t happened sooner! In order to get your mitts  on her new collection, we sadly have to wait a few more months until it reaches stores so in the meantime check out some images from a special preview of the collection at The Catwalk Edit which the SR:D team attended in London as part of London Fashion Week, as well as some gorgeous shots from the new lookbook.

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End of an Era

The last three months have been an exceptional lesson in retail for everyone at SR:D, as well as the 21 Scottish designers we took on our journey at Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre.  Its been through the hard work of everyone involved and with the support and belief from the folks at Ocean Terminal that we’ve been able to do it!  It just proves that there really is demand for a concept store like this in shopping destinations which are usually reserved for the big guns!  Even though it’s over (for now!) – we’ve put together a guide to fill your shopping void for all things beautiful, artisan and independent in Scotland.

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Interview – Gordon J Millar

Last week, we caught up with Gordon Millar, founder of the Scot Street Style movement to talk about his style influences and all about the launch of his first book. Gordon is an exceptionally interesting chap, his day job sees him working as a nurse but he has also toured the globe with the Dalai Lama doing social media.  In fact, its with social media, especially the use of Instagram that he’s been able to unify an entire country’s style, that country being his own: Scotland.  A deeply spiritual man, with passion and conviction, we delve a little deeper in to his psyche and learn all about the beginnings of his new book, which comes out January 31st.

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