Catch-up with SR:D Interiors Winner, Kelly Mackay

We catch up with SR:D Interiors 2015 grant winner, Kelly Mackay ahead of her exhibit at Ideal Homes, Glasgow.

You debuted at the inaugural  SR:D Interiors Showcase and then went on to win funding towards 100% Design in London. How did that feel?

It was amazing to win. I was in utter shock and emotional because I’ve worked so hard and it felt like finally people noticed. When you put everything into something which is a big risk, it is so rewarding to have people acknowledge that. It really has pushed me to keep going and is something I love doing. It’s my dream to be a designer and be my own boss! I couldn’t have been happier with the win and I have to thank everyone who believed in me and helped me along the way.

Are you getting the hang of trade shows now or do you still feel like you have a lot to learn?

I feel you will always be learning new tricks and new ideas to show your work. I feel like I’m getting there and I’m excited for the next. There’s so much preparation and is hard when your a one-man team. I have friends and family to help but when you need to get all the creative stuff done it gets to the boring stuff and it can be really difficult to put what’s important first. It’s something I need to look more into, maybe advertising for an intern for the next show or even hiring someone full time.

Would you say your style has evolved? 

I would say everyday it changes and evolves in subtle ways. You are constantly learning and making mistakes so your mind is constantly trying to gain more and be a better designer. I love screen printing and I constantly want to produce and create more everyday. It’s important to challenge yourself and see where else it could go.

Do you have anything else lined up this year?

I have Ideal Homes in Glasgow on the 27th to the 30th of May at the SECC, Glasgow and I have 100% Design in London in September. The success of Ideal Homes will determine what I get up to afterwards, however I’m hoping to produce more furniture and get my website up and running properly. It’s hard because I have just started working full time and need all my pennies so I can come home to the studio and produce. Without that, I couldn’t do what I do.

What can we expect to see at Ideal Homes? 

So this show is my second show since leaving university. I will have my geology inspired collection on show with lots of eccentric cushions, all different designs, sizes and colours. I wanted to produce a more affordable range as well as having my bespoke high end pieces. I have been working on some furniture upholstery and I have a fun quirky chair to show. It will be interesting to see if it’s a hit or a miss and this show will help me see if it gains interest, so I can keep producing more.

We look forward to seeing Kelly and her collection at 100% Design. In the meantime, The Ideal Homes Show runs from May 27th until May 30th at SECC, Glasgow. Grab your tickets here and see Kelly’s work at stand L612.