GDFS: Shorts with Citizen M

On October 23rd, Graphic Design Festival Scotland hosted a special series of short films in collaboration with film-duo Pretend Lovers. Encompassing the most gratifying components of graphic design was an inundation of eye-catching poster acting as a fitting backdrop to the cinema room. Showcasing a carefully-curated selection of short films produced by artists and filmmakers from across the world from Switzerland to Singapore, the clips concerned exquisite choreography, deadly voyages and cut-throat humour. 

A stand-out was ‘5 Films About Technology’. Exposing the brainless side of today’s technology including insta-obsessed teens and savage-selfies, this hard-hitting but hilarious series of short clips had the entire audience howling; perhaps in disbelief of social-media’s evident harsh reality. 

There was something for everyone, a moment that each person could resonate with; which is pretty much the magic of film.

SR:D would like to thank CitizenM and GDFS for inviting us.