Lair (noun) : a secret retreat, a secluded place, a hideout or hideaway

Lair is a brand new luxury interior store opened up on Dundas Street, Edinburgh. Specialising in truly unique mid 20th century furniture, Lair bring a touch of class and curiosity to Scottish homes. Sourcing from Italy, Spain, France and Denmark, founder Zanthe Weir travels far and wide to uncover the best original and vintage finds.

The independent store give two fingers to everything that’s cheap and mass produced. Displaying their collections as a curated room, Lair inspires their customer and encourages investment in timeless pieces. Do drop in if you are in Edinburgh, just for a nosey! Who knows, you might come home with a truly unique, authentic find and brand new discoveries.

SR:D’s fabulous Lair finds:


ciagrette boxState Express Cigarette Box. Made in England. Lined with traditional cedar wood. Decorative brass lid, with a silver box. Stamped. Not a smoker? Use it as a jewellery box.



Decorative Gold Candle Holder, because you can’t have too many tea lights.

table thign

Danish Bench in Oak with Storage Box, because vintage Scandi is so in right now.

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