Lynne MacLachlan on standing out, current trends and exhibiting at NY Now

Back in November, Hilary Alexander OBE awarded Lynne MacLachlan with the Scotland Re:Designed Accessories Award sponsored by Creative Scotland. Lynne creates stunning pieces of jewellery of varying scales. Her larger pieces aim to invite a dialogue of movement between piece and wearer to create a visually intriguing performance, and explores in more depth the scale, optical and colour effects of her craft. With a busy start to the year and having recently completed a PhD, we managed to catch up with the designer who shares her highlights from NY Now, her inspirations and how she ensures her brand stands out.

Photography by Dom Martin

How did it feel to win the Scotland Re:Designed Accessories award back in November?

I was so excited to receive the award, a lovely surprise at an amazing event. Having the recognition gives me the confidence to keep moving forward with my work, which really helps.

You recently exhibited at NY Now, part funded by your prize money. How did you find that?

It was great to be in NY, such an inspiring place and allowed me to do my first trade show in the USA and one I’ve been keen to attend for a while. I met some great buyers and there is potential for some very exciting new partnerships to come.

How did you make sure that your brand really stood out?

Fortunately my work is very colourful and made of more unusual materials, so catching the eye of passers-by is not too difficult. I’m also lucky enough to have worked with some great photographers, so have some bold and contemporary shots that I used for display that really let people see the potential and vision I have for the pieces.

Photography by Dom Martin

Were there any prominent trends standing out at NY Now?

At NY Now there still was a lot of delicate jewellery for layering, which has been very popular over the last few years and certainly has its place for everyday wear, but I think I could see a change coming through towards bolder pieces again, which suits me of course.

Are there any other Scottish brands that you admire or that you are influenced by?

I’m very proud to be from and back living in Scotland, there is a vibrant design scene going from strength to strength here, I admire all sorts of Scottish designers and creatives from different fields as I draw inspiration from may different places, just some off the top of my head are people like Hilary Grant, Tom Pigeon, Johnathon Pang, Holly Fulton, Jennifer Kent, Local Heroes and Susan Castillo, there are really too many to mention.

What piece of jewellery could you not live without?

Apart from my engagement and wedding ring I have a collection of large necklaces, also my favourite to design and make. A statement necklace has a great scale for the designer to do something interesting, and they give outfits personality while not getting in the way too much of whatever tasks are on hand.

Photography by Dom Martin

Do you have any advice for new luxury jewellery designers?

Keep practising! Finding your own creative niche takes time and requires a lot of hard work to develop. Also doing shows where you are present helps, seeing direct reactions to your work can really help pinpoint the most successful elements of your designs.

What’s next for Lynne?

Nexus: Meetings at the Edge

Lynne is very excited to be part of this group show highlighting makers who are currently pushing the boundaries of their disciplines. Lynne’s 3D printed wall tiles (pictured), as well as the Inches Carr pieces, will be on display alongside the work of many other interesting makers. The exhibition runs until the 10th of June. Some of Lynne’s pieces will also be shown concurrently in Fife Contemporary’s Craft Pod, which will tour local libraries and schools.

LOOT: MAD About Jewellery

Lynne is thrilled to invite those of you stateside to LOOT at the Museum of Arts and Design. The show features work for 35 emerging and acclaimed Jewellery artists, giving collectors and enthusiasts the chance to meet and acquire pieces from the most innovative creators in the field.

Victoria and Albert Museum Acquisition

Recently the V&A acquired one of Lynne’s large Phase Sweep necklaces for the jewellery collection. Lynne is also looking forward to the new V&A museum in Dundee; more exciting news is to come about a display piece, watch this space!

Keep up with Lynne over on her website here.