Pam Hogg, Christopher Kane & Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders for Diane von Furstenberg


Glasgow-born fashion designer, Jonathan Saunders presented his first full collection as Diane von Furstenberg‘s Chief Creative Officer. Tasked with modernising such a legacy brand, he has created a series of effortless yet stunning feminine looks. The Saunders-flair is evident throughout this collection, providing refreshing asymmetrics, bold pattern and striking silhouettes with a playful feel. Catwalk must have: ruffles.


Christopher Kane – ‘Make, Do and Mend’


With heavy embellishments, applique and exaggerated texture at the core, the just-turned 10 year old label took inspiration from Kane’s Glaswegian roots and post-war Britain. Proving that he can make literally anything look good, he uses salvaged studio scraps and mis-matches into messy textures including marbling, fish-netting, daisy prints, and energetic squiggles.

Oh and as for the shoes, disguised in heavy embellishment, metallic and marble effects, you can hardly tell these were footwear of the controversial-Croc variety.


Pam Hogg 


Scottish-born visionary, Pam Hogg known for her eccentric designs and non-conformist attitudes stole the Fashion Scout closing show at The Freemasons Hall in London. Her SS17 collection brought back the latex love in futuristic skin-tight jumpsuits and dresses oozing that rock and roll, edgy attitude.

Models hit the runway dolled up in 1950’s style bobs and exaggerated candy-floss wigs with colour-pop and tear drop beauty looks.

Heavily constructed v-neck garments were emblazoned with patchwork primary coloured Matisse-like cut outs. Flamboyancy echoed throughout the collection, with metallics and oversized pussy bows taking dominating prominence in true Pam Hogg style.