Sara Hill Make-up

Following the recent launch of her make-up range we wanted to catch up with creator, award wining make-up artist and editor to find out… just what inspires Sara Hill.

If you could pick only one product from your range what would it be?

That’s like asking me who my favourite child is! I suppose my Velvet Sheer Foundations as they were my first born, but I do love all the range equally the same.

What was the first piece of make-up you ever bought?

I can’t remember the first piece I bought, however I do remember being given a Mary Quant eyeshadow palette by my mum, it was from the 70s and it was in the shape of a flower, I loved it. The colours were black, white, emerald green and deep purple.

Who would be your perfect campaign star? (Dead or alive!)

Ohhh too many… as my make-up is for humans (‘genderfluid’) it would have to be Sky Ferreira, Twigs, Mathu Andersen, Jeff Goldblum, Anjelica Huston.

What is your favourite editorial shoot of all time?

It’s got to be from my own magazine, HOPE ST, and was a shoot called “Palmistry”. I also loved a shoot I did in Sweden called “Children of the Lunaverse”. I’m also an Art director, so having the freedom to create a full story is what I love to do most.

Favourite Scottish designer/brand?

Christopher Kane is amazing. I also love the new brand Cats Brothers, and Strathberry for bags, sorry there are too many to choose from!

Your make-up collection has been 5 years in the making and a passion of yours, where there any unexpected challenges developing the range?

The whole thing was challenge from start to finish, but a really enjoyable one. I suppose the biggest challenge was the cost in development as it’s a self funded independent brand.

After a hard week on shoots, promoting  Sara Hill Make-up, teaching and editing(!) which box set do you like to binge on?

I have just finished Sense8 on Netflix, which I loved!!! Anything to do with psychics and sci-fi is always a winner with me, and vampires, I love all that too.

Favourite book, movie or song?

Oh to many!, I love all Wes Anderson films, visually so inspiring.

 How did you come up with all the descriptive names – such as ‘Sadie Doll’!

‘Sadie Doll’ is the nick-name my friend gave me. Creating names was fun! I had to stop my self a few times if a title didn’t pass the “would I say that to my grannie?” test then I wouldn’t use it! I love to do a Scottish slang collection and perhaps a cocktail one too in the future too.

Sara Hill make-up is available to buy @ and on the following days and times at the showroom, 93 Hope Street (Room 308, 4th Floor), Glasgow :

1st August 11am – 1pm
4th August 5pm – 7pm
6th August 2pm – 6pm

SR:D are delighted to announce Sara Hill make-up will be the official make-up partner for SR:D 2015.