Scotland Re:Designed returned this year for the interiors, fashion and associated business industries with its calendar of talks, photo shoots, mentoring sessions, exhibition, runway, private view, awards and annual weekend market, all held in and around Finnieston’s multi-cultural arts venue, SWG3. Expert discussions covered mainstream topics such as environmental issues, mental health and sustainability. Attendees included store buyers, businesses, students and consumers, and also included academics alongside rockstar artist and fashion designer Pam Hogg, Hilary Alexander OBE, and architects and interior designer and specifiers Sally Homan and Lisa Trainer.

The Makers theme for the event spanned a full five-days of over 20 events and was brought to life through embroidery, painting and sewing workshops revealing the artisanal skills behind the businesses and brands participating in the event.

On Thursday evening, the UK & Scottish Interiors & Fashion Industry gathered in force for Scotland Re:Designed’s 2017 Private View, Runway & Awards in a collective effort to propel Scottish talent into mainstream consciousness.

As SRD celebrated our tenth anniversary last year, going into this year our director, Chris Hunt, said to the crowd in his thanks to all involved that “I couldn’t help but be reflective; in 2006 this all started with just six Glasgow talents including a make-up artist, designers Christopher Kane, Sarah Raffel from Brazen Jewellery and together we formed the Glasgow Design Collective, raising money to help them export to London Fashion Week, and showing SWG3’s collective of its then resident artists across sites in Shoreditch.”

Photography by Dom Martin

In 2012 we went national, and Scotland Re:Designed was formed and launched its first new talent awards, which have since proved a vital part of the annual landscape, taking and supporting designers to export to platforms around the world.

Attendees at the star-studded evening included over 300 media and industry leaders, including over fifty Scottish designers and makers of repute exhibiting within the programme, plus international designers such as Clements Ribeiro and industry leaders Hilary Alexander OBE, Gemma Hare of Harvey Nichols, Martyn Roberts Managing Director at Graduate Fashion Week & Fashion Scout, Holly Fulton, Sarah Murray of Jane Davidson, & Edinburgh’s Kestin Hare. Hosting a sparkling drinks reception, runway show & award ceremony, Scotland Re:Designed recognised excellence in the realm of fashion, textiles, art and interior design over the year.

Glasgow’s own Model Team including Connor Newall and his newly signed brother Andrew dawned the runway in dynamically sculpted hair by Rainbow Room International and daring beauty looks provided by the team at The Academy of Make Up. Tunes provided by Moogroove served as an atmospheric backdrop for the evening.

The runway featured exaggerated pom-pom crochet’s from Cats Brothers, luxury cashmere from CROSSCASHMERE and contemporary digital prints from Rachel McMillan. Elegant silks by Laura Ironside in gold, mustard and black contrasted with cutting-edge 3D printed jewellery from Lynne MacLachlan.

Photography by Dom Martin

Heritage borders-based manufacturers, Hawick Knitwear celebrated their collaboration with British brand Teatum Jones teamed with child-like tee’s from Alice Dansey-Wright and stunning handbags from NADIA Studio.

Menswear’s scenes brought structured silhouettes, exquisite tailoring and tapered bottoms from M.G Gabriel, geometric patterned Sanquhar knits from Jennifer Kent and proficient lux-loungewear by ethical brand Cloh.

With a dominant presence on this year’s runway, Scotland Re:Designed championed Paisley. ‘Renfrewshire Council have placed textiles, creativity and makers at the heart of their strategy for Paisley’s regeneration and are working to connect the town and its people with the international industry. Exploring ways to work with its Museum collections to forge new avenues of support for their plans and all as part of their bid to be UK City of Culture 2021’. The runway featured garments made by Pringle of Scotland utilising exact replicas of the patterns held in Paisley’s Museum & Art Galleries and bespoke Paisley foiled kilts from renowned designer Siobhan MacKenzie.

‘At SR:D, the vibe is welcoming and open. And this year’s show was electrifying. The music, the lighting, the models swaggering down the runway showcasing the very best of Scottish design – you get the feeling this is a project with monumentally big things ahead.’ Fat Brestovca – Capital FM & Glasgow Live

Photography by Dom Martin

The runway was swiftly followed by Scotland Re:Designed’s prestigious awards ceremony hosted by musician Helen Marnie. The awards are an intrinsic part of SRD’s event programme that has seen Scottish design taken to New York, Chicago and most recently, Hong Kong. Considered one of the most influential accolades in the Scottish design world, the awards provide the deserving winners with the recognition they deserve. SR:D’s main funders, Creative Scotland, supported four awards this year, without which the landscape of support to designers simply would not exist.

Picking up the esteemed awards were:

  • Scotland Re:Designed Menswear Award, funded by Creative Scotland – Jennifer Kent

Presented by Martyn Roberts, MD of Graduate Fashion Week & Fashion Scout

  • Scotland Re:Designed Womenswear Award, funded by Creative Scotland – LA FETICHE

Presented by Pam Hogg

  • Scotland Re:Designed Accessories Award, funded by Creative Scotland – Lynne MacLachlan

Presented by Hilary Alexander OBE

  • Scotland Re:Designed Interiors Award, funded by Creative Scotland – David Watson

Presented by Holly Fulton

  • Scotland Re:Designed Lingerie & Loungewear Award, sponsored by APM Agency – Gilda & Pearl

Presented by Michael O’Brien of Model Team

  • Knockando Woolmill New Woven Textile Designer Award, curated by Edinburgh International Fashion Festival – Jessica Cutler

Presented by Fabio Piras of Central St. Martin’s & Nicola Irwin of Knockando Woolmill

Photography by Dom Martin

Concluding this post is an excerpt from a speech given by Scotland Re:Designed’s director, Chris Hunt:

‘In these times of change, where every day on Twitter feels like a rollercoaster, and every day on Instagram a fantasy, where is the constant that needs focus?

It’s in you, in us, through the inexorable march of tech and digital, you have the Enterprise, the creativity, the creative industry and like the skills of all humans before and after us through the millennia, waking up to make music and art, clothes and homes or places to work, emotional intelligence and Enterprise are what makes us, and it is what binds is together.

It’s the main thing that counts. Creativity IS Enterprise and creativity matters’.

We can’t thank you enough for being part of this year’s event and please do use SR:D’s online calendar to share your events and help us continue to support design, commercialise creativity & sell Scotland.