Eribé - Scottish Fashion
About Eribé

In Galashiels, high on the hill sits a beautifully ornate Victorian house. It is here that the enthusiastic Eribé team work hard on designing new collections and looking after customers. The bustling hub of the workplace is our studio, the light pours in through its large windows.

They have an intimate relationship with products, each of their four designers is committed to creating pieces that follow their founding principles. Each garment must make the wearer feel good, colourful, warm, comfortable, and be wonderfully practical whilst being stylish. Each piece goes through a long process from its inception, design, sampling, possible re-design to manufacturing. It takes the four designers almost eight months to design one collection for you! In the first half of the year, whilst travelling around the world for important trade-fairs and events founder and director, Rosemary and the design team start to formulate exciting ideas about the new collection. In the beginning looking to the raw materials, and how to best use them to their full potential. They pick up inspiration from absolutely everywhere; the landscape, street style, art galleries you name it! They also delve into their own archive, to discover vintage Eribé pieces that can be updated and made contemporary.

They have an extremely hands on approach to design, ensuring that every product regardless of size or price is right. They have tested the patterns umpteen times tweaking as we go only, constantly doing washing tests in the house to ensure our products longevity or testing how a product will wear as they move about the office. And they are forever ambushing poor unsuspecting visitors, family or friends in the studio to try garments on to ensure they fit real people and all their wonderfully different body shapes. All this dedication to the smallest detail means that the product you see in their retailers is exceptional in quality and unique in design.

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