Gilly Langton - Scottish Fashion
About Gilly Langton

Gilly Langton is a contemporary jewellery designer; she runs her business from the remote Highland village of Plockton on the West Coast of Scotland. Since starting her business in 1997, Gilly has been creating her bold sterling silver and elastic jewellery -selling and exhibiting in galleries, museums and fairs all over the world.

Taking a romantic view of the sea and the life that surrounds and works it. Gilly explores its colour, material and form.

Absorbing herself in iconic references to seafaring
folk, she exaggerates the nautical traditions, combining hard and soft materials to emphasize the strength and struggle of a way of life. Using the harshness of the cold metal against the warmth of the hand dyed flexible elastic.

The changing colour palette of the Highlands echoes her view of the heather blanket hills and continual shift in light reflected in the sea and lochs.

Gilly challenge’s the properties of control and resilience with minimal aesthetics, creating dramatic pieces of beauty, strength and texture.

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