Luul - Scottish Fashion
About Luul

Luul is a modest fashion brand focusing on contemporary elegant clothing for women who cover. The designs feature minimal cuts and bold, whimsical prints with a hint of bling.

The clothes will be for any woman who wishes to dress modestly although this may traditionally appeal to faith groups the idea is to make beautiful offbeat clothing for any woman who finds modest dressing empowering or who wishes to cover for specific occasions or reasons.

This first collection begins with a set of fun floral bouquet printed T shirts moving on to a collection of evening dresses designed to be comfortable, glamourous and modest. Each dress is embellished with sections of flounced tulle to create interesting and dramatic silhouettes against the simple dresses. The impression is romantic and modern and each look is based on and should reflect a different character or personality.

Designs will be mainly project rather than collection based allowing time to fully explore ideas through certain items. For example the next project focuses on chess inspired tracksuits and matching scarves. These mini projects will develop on from each other and allow for more creativity.

Modesty is an internal idea and way of being as well as an outward appearance and so ethical production is also integral to the brand ethos.

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