Mirka Janeckova Jewellery - Scottish Fashion
About Mirka Janeckova Jewellery

Contemporary jewellery made from precious metals and porcelain.

Original design process based on surrealist automatic drawing and innovative use of ceramics are the defining features of the brand. Dreamy landscapes of the deep sea inspire forms of Mirka Janeckova Jewellery which are exclusively made from white materials – porcelain and sterling silver.
Hand build porcelain set in silver gives Mirka freedom of artistic expression. It has the potential to be shaped into virtually any form and challenges restricted traditional cuts of gemstones. Porcelain pieces appear fragile but they are surprisingly durable with hardness 7 on Mohs scale – the same as most semiprecious stones. The innovative process of casting porcelain in place enables flowing transgressions between ceramic and metal forms.

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