Rosie Sugden - Scottish Fashion
About Rosie Sugden

Rosie Sugden is an innovative luxury cashmere collection, designed and manufactured in Scotland. A graduate in Knitwear Design, Rosie launched her own label in 2011. Her debut accessories line combines Rosie’s idiosyncratic take on contemporary design with the inherent natural beauty of Scottish Cashmere, brought out through extraordinary craftsmanship. Her designs are hugely influenced by her surroundings, be they the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders where she is based ,or the striking landscapes she has encountered during her travels in India and South East Asia. These aspects of art, fashion, and culture are reflected in each individual Rosie Sugden collection.

The emphasis is on creating long-lasting products as an antidote to the throw away clothing mentality and in support of British manufacturing industry. Therefore all the cashmere is made in Scotland.

All our products are made from 2ply woollen spun Scottish yarn. The fibre used is 100% chinese raw material from the upper grasslands of Alashan in Inner Mongolia. Each spring in April the fibre is combed from the goats before being sorted, washed and de-haired, whence it begins the long journey to the Highlands of Scotland where it is dyed and spun in a 200 year old mill. Material is always dyed in open fibre form, ensuring the softest of handle, brightest hue and longevity of the product; the true hallmarks of Scottish cashmere. These products are built to last.