About the event

SR:D will take British brands to the gateway to Asia, in a Hong Kong showcase supported by Hawick Knitwear. Offering a special collaboration with British designers in an innovative alliance, the showcase will see talented designers from across the UK working with a leading Scottish textile manufacturer.

Created by Scotland Re:Designed, the opportunity promotes the Scottish factory to the design industry as an efficient, global manufacturer keen to engage with UK brands and its long-term investment into the industry to trade.

Providing a one-of-a-kind business opportunity for British brands, the beginning of 2017 saw the talented brands embark on the production of their collections with product samples using Hawick Knitwear’s finest yarns and cashmeres which will feature in the SR:D curated showroom.

The location, Garage Collective was founded with the hope of reshaping the way people conceptualise work in Hong Kong. Garage. With its pop-up shop style event space, Garage Collective makes the space the first of its kind in Hong Kong, where work-life integration is not only encouraged but is their intent.